The management of the Agro Pontino waterways: the workshop for guidelines

The workshop “Guidelines for the management of waterways in the agro-environmental systems of the Agro Pontino” was held on November 30.

The workshop was organized by the Province of Latina, the lead body of Greenchange project, and by the partner CIRF (Italian Center for River Redevelopment) with the national ANBI, ANBI Lazio and the Agro Pontino reclamation consortium.

It represented an important moment of technical comparison and exchange of experiences to identify the most effective and convenient solutions to be applied in the management of the waterways of the Agro Pontino and other territories of Lazio.

The implementation of the Guidelines will be an opportunity to start a review of the management strategy of the Agro Pontino canals with principles and methods that aim to increase the ecological role of the reclamation network and exploit its cultural, landscape and fruitive potential.

During the meeting Giuseppe Dodaro of CIRF briefly illustrated the actions and objectives of the GREENCHANGE project.

Subsequently, some virtuous experiences of integrated management of the canals already carried out in other national reclamation contexts were presented: by ANBI Veneto, the Consortium for the reclamation of Risorgive Waters and the Emilia Centrale reclamation consortium.

Marco Monaci of CIRF briefly illustrated the contents of the Guidelines under development.

The meeting ended with an open discussion of the participants during which ANBI Lazio underlined the interest of the path started and the opportunity to identify solutions that can be immediately replicated in other territories.

Greenchange: pilot cases for the replicability of the project in agricultural territories

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