Expected results

  • Mapping and assessment of ecosystem services: detail of the regulation and maintenance services for the Agro Pontino and the northern region of Malta, directly contributing to the optimization of existing databases also at national and EU level (Action A1)
  • Signature of the “Pacts for the Biodiversity” in the Agro Pontino and in Malta, by all project partners and by the main public and private stakeholders
  • Adoption of the tools defined within the Pacts (criteria, guidelines and directions) by all the competent public bodies
  • Signature of Land Stewardship Agreements for the management and upkeep of green infrastructures
  • Environmental restoration and recovery of ecosystems’ functionalities in the core areas of the green infrastructures and in farms
  • Environmental restoration and recovery of ecological connections: wind breakers and reclamation canals in the Agro Pontino (target: at least 8 km); rubble walls and buffer strips in Malta (target: at least 10 km)
  • Improving the water quality of the Ufente river
  • Integration of GREENCHANGE criteria into the tenders for the implementation of the RDPs of Lazio
    Region and Malta for programming periods 2014-2020 and 2021-2027
  • Increased number of farmers accessing RDP agro-environmental payments for programming period
  • Increased effectiveness of greening actions in the programming period 2021-2027
  • Widespread use of the GREENCHANGE app by farmers
  • Widespread use of the GREENCHANGE geoblog
  • Activation of an exchange network with other projects dealing with the mapping, assessment and enhancement of ecosystem services in Mediterranean rural areas
  • Transferring of GREENCHANGE model to national and Mediterranean contexts.