Workplan of all proposed Actions

Actions and means involved

1. Construction of a governance system (Pact for Biodiversity) in the Agro Pontino and in the North Region of Malta, for increasing the functionality and ecological connectivity of the agricultural territory. The Pacts are the headquarters in which elaborate and share tools and guidelines adopting a multistakeholder approach to support the rural areas management in order to improve the ecosystem regulation and maintenance services. The Pact will involve public and private entities operating in the management and implementation of agricultural policies, as well as Local Authorities and Managers of areas of high natural value. Through the identification of specific criteria and tools, GREENCHANGE intends to provide a widely shared contribution at territorial level for the integration of the ecological aspects into the Rural Development Programs (RDP) in force and for the new planning 2021/2027.      

2. Planning and implementation of green infrastructures in agriculture through the direct involvement of entrepreneurs. The demonstration interventions are aimed at experimenting techniques and methods of intervention to optimize the yield in terms of production quality, biodiversity conservation and supply of services by the agroecosystems.

In Agro Pontino, the actions will set up a direct contribution to the implementation of the Provincial Ecological Network Plan in wet and agricultural environments.

3. Implementation of awareness-raising, communication and support activities that stimulate entrepreneurs and their representatives to work for the mitigation of the environmental impacts and in strengthening the services provided by agro-ecosystems (app for business planning, information desk and training and laboratory activities for increase the ability to access CAP funds for ecological-environmental purposes). Communication tools will be built through continuous sharing with entrepreneurs to maximize their potential use.

4. Construction of pathways for transferring the GREENCHANGE model at national level, and in the EU and MED area countries. The networking and dissemination actions are designed to build a network that is primarily at the Mediterranean level (AGRIMED PACT) that groups the partnerships working on issues related to the ecological functionality of agroecosystems as an environment advantageous to the promotion of transferring the GREENCHANGE intervention model.

List of all proposed actions