The monitoring visit of LIFE Greenchange project

The monitoring visit of the Greenchange project was held on November 16 and 17.

During the two days, the project partners illustrated the progress made in the protection of biodiversity in the Agro Pontino and in the Maltese archipelago to the monitors of LIFE, the European program that finances actions for the climate and the environment.

The official meeting was held at the headquarters of the Province of Latina, the leading body of the project.

After concluding the meeting, the second day was entirely dedicated to inspections of the construction sites inaugurated in the Lazio area.

The first inspection took place in the Pantanello Park: the Greenchange team placed the basking islands for the rest and refuge of wildlife in the naturalistic oasis and it is creating wetlands and windbreaks strips to increase the ecological functionality in the “Giardino di Ninfa” Natural Monument.

With the second inspection, the monitors of the LIFE program verified the environmental requalification interventions of the wetlands and Gricilli lakes in the section of the Ufente river which falls within the Municipality of Pontinia.

Lastly, it was held the visit to the Gelasio Caetani farm where the construction of new wetlands and windbreaks strips will allow to increase the conservation capacity of the biodiversity of the area, without losses in terms of productivity.