“Healthy wetlands: our best natural answer to the biodiversity”, the Interreg Med webinar on 22 October

The Mediterranean Biodiversity Protection Community invites all of us to the webinar: HEALTHY WETLANDS: OUR BEST NATURAL ANSWER TO THE BIODIVERSITY, WATER AND CLIMATE CRISES: THE MEDITERRANEAN CASE.

It  will begin on 22 October at 9.15 am within the framework of the EU GREEN WEEK, the largest annual european event on environmental issues.

It is possible to register until 20 October, by clicking here.

According to the Mediterranean Wetlands Outlook 2018, the IPBES 2019 report and the 2020 EC Science to Policy reports, the wetlands in the Mediterranean region are at a serious risk.

How can we move faster and better to ensure a sustainable future for Mediterranean wetlands?

The webinar will propose challenges and new approaches. Among the interventions, we point out the contribution of CIRF – Centro italiano per la riqualificazione fluviale, partner of our LIFE Greenchange project.

Giancarlo Gusmaroli will illustrate WETNET, the Interreg Med project.

GREENCHANGE and WETNET aim at a collaborative approach and a common territorial strategy for an integrated management of natural wetlands,  participatory processes and multi-stakeholder contracts in which users, public and private centers undertake to integrate wetlands conservation into their daily activities.

Greenchange will activate the signing of the Pact for the Biodiversity of the Agro Pontino.

WETNET, led by the Regione Veneto, is also active on the island of Gozo in full synergy with GREENCHANGE which operates in the northern part of the island of Malta, for a total of over 15,700 hectares.

To download the webinar poster go here.