On line on WWF platform “One Planet School” the video lesson “Rivers under pressure” by CIRF

One planet school is the new e-learning platform to deepen the relationship between Man and Nature.

The platform is created by WWF Italy. Among the available contents we point out the course dedicated to the river ecosystems. On the digital platform is available the interview of Giuseppe Dodaro. Dodaro is a bord member of CIRF, the italian center of river restoration partner of our LIFE Greenchange project.

The video lesson of Dodaro – Rivers under pressure – deals with causes and solutions for the resolution of hydraulic and hydrogeological risk. Through LIFE Grenchange, CIRF proposes engineering operations that respect nature.

CIRF and Greenchange want to restore space and mobility to the rivers. First of all, Greenchange will operate on the remediation canals with constructed wetlands and processes of phyto purification.

Greenchange will also intervene in Malta with similar actions in rural areas.