Greenchange starts inspections in the Agro pontino

Greenchange starts inspections in the areas interested by the project. The first inspections concern the Ganci farm and the Ufente river.

The interventions of technicians and the help of drones are used to plan environmental redevelopment actions and green infrastructures in the Agro pontino in Italy and in the rural and natural areas of Malta. This is possible thanks to the funding that the project has obtained from the LIFE environment and climate program of the EU.

Greenchange wants to protect biodiversity and integrate the ecological connectivity of some agricultural areas. In this perspective, it will intervene, for example, with the eradication of invasive alien species which, like all non-native varieties, cause damage and alterations in the host environments.

The criticality of alien species, plant or animal, is more current than ever. Their eradication is one of the objectives of the European Biodiversity Strategy to 2030.

Greenchange aims to restore some natural and semi-natural habitats by through the creation of new wetlands, hygrophilous forests, mesophilic and stable meadows. To these actions will be added the creation of windbreaks strips and tree-lined hedges with the aim of protecting and increasing biodiversity.