Windbreaks strips to help wildlife in the Agro pontino

Greenchange completes a new action that will allow the Gelasio Caetani farm to increase its capacity to conserve biodiversity without loss of productivity in the Agro pontino.

The realization of windbreaks strips inside the farm of the Province of Latina will help wildlife, allowing the resting, reproduction and refuge of many species of animals.

Greenchange’s interventions proceed with the planting of windbreaks strips which will have a complex and stratified structure of trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants, chosen among the native species, to recreate a rich and diversified environmental mosaic.

Windbreaks strips are linear strips of vegetation arranged “in a row”. They form a wall or a tree belt that, in addition to performing the main action of contrasting the force of the winds on crops and land, also works as an ecological corridor able to create connections between different natural habitats, with great benefit to the flora and fauna.