Ninfa, the surprising natural monument in Italy protected by the Life Greenchange project, opens to the visitors

The Garden of Ninfa opens to the public.

The Roffredo Caetani Foundation starts the new entrance calendar for one of the most surprising natural monuments in Italy.

There will be a series of appointments with initiatives, events that will involve the territory, the municipalities and many partners.

The ruins of the medieval city of Ninfa became home for over a thousand plants, streams and the homonymous river.

The Garden of Ninfa includes one of the areas protected by Natura 2000, the main tool established by the European Union for the conservation of biodiversity. This ecological network includes the aquatic environments of the Ninfa river as a ZPS, Zona di Conservazione Speciale.

These areas must be protected for their high biodiversity. For this purpose, the european LIFE Greenchange project will create an artificial wetland for the Pantanello natural park of Ninfa.

Artificial wetland is able to absorb and preserve water and filter polluting substances. Also it will have the function of hosting amphibians. This underlines the importance of a systems,natural or artificial, that hold 40 percent of living species.

Furthermore, the LIFE Greenchange project will create a new forest and ecological corridors for fauna along one of the Pantanello borders. These are tree-lined hedges that facilitate the transit, movement and refuge of animals.

The purpose of the project is a stronger protection of the Agro pontino territory, developing the ecological value of the rural and natural areas.