The inspections in the artificial wetlands and buffer strips realized by LIFE Rewetland and Greenchange projects in the Agro pontino

The Iridra company, U-Space and the researchers from the University of Florence visited the Agro pontino area observing the pilot interventions carried out by the LIFE REWETLAND and LIFE GREENCHANGE projects, to verify the effects and benefits.

The two european projects built artificial wetlands and buffer strips to improve the state of surface waters in the Pianura pontina, above all, canals and waterways damaged by the intensive activities that man has developed.

Buffer strips were used along the canals. These are arboreal bands, plant formations and ecological corridors which, in contact with water, create a filter that absorbs polluting substances and improve the rural landscape and the biodiversity of the area.

The LIFE REWETLAND project started in 2010 and ended in 2014, the LIFE GREENCHANGE project has been working since 2018.

They work on an area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 700 sq km and use natural processes to reduce the polluting substances from industries and farms. These processes are called phytodepuration.

The collected data by IRIDRA inspections will be used for a study that the European Union Joint Research Centre is carrying out on the functionality, replicability and impact of these solutions.

The challenge will be to coexist together environmental biodiversity and intensive agriculture.