Restoration of the Cicerchia and Allacciante channels

A few weeks ago we completed the restoring action of Cicerchia Canal, inside the Ganci farm of Latina, in the Agro pontino.

We eliminated invasive and non-native species such as the common reed (Arundo donax) and planted native trees and shrubs (including english oak, elm and ash).

The action aims to increase biodiversity in the Ganci farm. Farm is involved in the construction, management and maintenance of projects by signing land custody agreements.

We aim to reconstitute a strip of riparian vegetation capable of fulfilling important naturalistic, landscape and mitigation functions of the percolating polluting load.

The black cloth, shown in the photo, is not made of plastic but is made of corn-based fabric. It is biodegradable and will wear out within a couple of years.

We inserted it into the ground at end of the works to prevent and contain the regrowth of invasive species, thus giving the new plants time to take root.

Similar actions will affect the canal in the Agrilatina farm.

Here the redevelopment of the riparian vegetation and of the entire ecosystem of the canal is underway through the creation of a band of herbaceous and arboreal-shrub vegetation along the left bank, the control of invasive vegetation and the partial removal of the Rubus, sowing of herbaceous species in regression.