Floodplains: a natural system to preserve and restore, the new report edit by EEA

According to the EEA report, the floodplains contribute to the protection of the environment and biodiversity.

The report of the European Environment Agency is entitled “Floodplains: a natural system to preserve and restore”. It discusses the urgency to restore these environments to their natural condition. They are systems that offer several services and resources.

The study shows that 90% of the floodplains are degraded by the strong action of man. Intensive crops, infrastructure, urban centers and industries are creating an imbalance in the floodplains.

The floodplains cover 7% of European surface. They are regulated by sedimentation of river currents. Their existence can contain hydrogeological disasters, can regulate the flow of water, can avoid erosion, can conserve living species and filter the polluting substances.

Safeguarding the floodplains would bring great benefits and would allow to achieve the goals of the European environmental legislation.

Like the floodplains, Pianura Pontina is a territory rich of inland waters that suffer the strong activity of man.

An emergency becomes respecting natural habitats and creating balance,

The LIFE Greenchange program wants to mitigate the environmental impact of agricultural activities and infrastructure in the Pianura Pontina. It will proceed with a mapping of the ecosystems of the Agro pontino and will implement the actions to perform the most sustainable practices.

The green infrastructures, the protection of wetlands and the ecological corridors will serve to restore the functionality and ecological connectivity of these areas.