First meeting for the definition of the pact for biodiversity of agro pontino

On July 9th, 2019, a meeting titled “Definition of the contents and procedures for the implementation of the Pact for biodiversity for the Agro Pontino”, was held in Latina at the Land Reclamation Consortium of the Agro Pontino and it concerned the activities included in the action C1 of the LIFE GREENCHANGE project.

In addition to the LIFE project partners, attended the meeting the political representatives of the Lazio Region and of the Province of Latina, the representatives of the main associations of farmers in the area, the Reclamation Consortium.               
The aim of the activity is the signature of a letter of intent containing rules and constraints, but also indications on how to overcome the critical points complained of by those operating on the territory, including the issue of the maintenance of windbreaks and riparian bands. LIFE GREENCHANGE plans to actively involve farms, generating a positive synergy with municipal administrations. The President of the Province of Latina, present at the meeting, proposed that the Municipalities of the Agro Pontino will coordinate these activities.

Another important objective put in place by the LIFE GREENCHANGE is the subscription of at least 60 Landstewardship agreements. The first agreements will be signed within the month of September 2019 and will involve the Lazio Region, the Circeo National Park, the Province of Latina, the Land Reclamation Consortium of the Agro Pontino, the Caetani farm.    
To reach the greatest number of farms in the area and make them aware of the signatures of the agreements, it will be crucial to obtain the maximum commitment by farmers’ associations as Confagricoltura, CIA and Coldiretti.