E1 – Communication Plan

The communication activities are developed through the use of multiple channels, tools, methods and contents, aimed at obtaining a wide dissemination of the project results, awareness of citizens and stakeholders, and mutual exchange with similar European initiatives.

The Dissemination Pack contains:

  • LIFE GREENCHANGE Website and social media
  • Interactive content: Virtual tour and Geoblog (also available on App)
  • Competition for schools both in Agro Pontino and in Malta
  • Poster and roll-up
  • Notice board
  • Brochure
  • Short film about Italian and Maltese farmers who have committed themselves to the protection of biodiversity and have simultaneously opened their business to the multi-functionality and qualification of production.
  • Events
  • Layman’s Report


  • D1 Short film
  • D2 Website
  • D3 Notice board
  • D4 Brochure
  • D5 Virtual tour
  • D6 Layman’s report
  • D7 Geoblog
  • D8 Dissemination plan


  • M1 Final conference