D2 – Monitoring of the socioeconomic and territorial effects and of the project performance

Monitoring of socio-economic impacts is functional to identify and quantify effective indicators for evaluating the effects on the agricultural system, in terms of transformation of agricultural practices and the ability to influence the farmers’ behaviour. The monitoring programme, developed in the first phase of the project, details indicators and variables to be monitored, the tools for data collection and processing and the rules for transferring and treating data, the reference sources, the responsibilities and the timelines. The action foresees the production of 2 monitoring reports, along with yearly non-technical summaries for the wide dissemination of monitoring results.

Moreover, the effectiveness of the Pacts for Biodiversity is monitored by interviewing key actors and using the following indicators among others:

  • number of signed land stewardship agreements;
  • number of cooperation projects submitted/dimension of the involved areas (hectares);
  • number of calls under the 2014/2020 RDP and of actions in 2021/2027 RDP incorporating GREENCHANGE criteria;
  • dimension of managed rubble walls and wildflower strips.

Furthermore, the overall replicability and transferability of the project and its contribution to the LIFE Programme are monitored and systematized.


  • D1 Monitoring programme
  • D2 Mid-term monitoring report
  • D3 Final monitoring report
  • D4 KPI indicators – initial baseline
  • D5 KPI indicators – final


  • M1 Sharing the Monitoring programme within the Biodiversity Pact
  • M2 Sharing the Mid-term monitoring report within the Biodiversity Pact