D1 – Analysis and monitoring of the effectiveness of the interventions and of their impacts on ecosystems

In order to assess the effectiveness of the implemented projects, the changes incurred in the quality of ecosystems and in the value of the associated ecosystem services, will be measured. The monitoring programme, developed in the first phase of the project, details indicators and variables for ES monitoring, the tools for data collection and processing and the rules for transferring and treating data, the reference sources, the responsibilities and the timelines. The action foresees the production of 2 monitoring reports (ex ante and ex post). Specific monitoring methodologies has been identified for each groups selected, including: Flora, odonata, amphibians and reptiles, birds, bats, arthropods, river morphology, Ecosystem Services.


  • D1 Monitoring report ex-ant
  • D2 Monitoring report ex-post
  • D3 Contribute to KPI – baseline
  • D4 Contribute to KPI – final report


  • M1 Final report presentation during the final conference