C8 – Renewal and management of linear ecological connections: windbreaks

The Agro Pontino is characterized by about 480 km of windbreaks that are made up of fast-growing species of Eucalyptus spp., Pinus spp., and Cupressus spp. Owned by the Lazio Region and managed by the Agro Pontino Reclamation Consortium, the windbreaks develop along the course of the canals and the “migliare” roads with different degrees of density and efficiency. In the last decade they have not been used in an ordinary way according to a management plan and all of them, in different degrees, present problems related to the interruption of continuity and density, often being unable to carry out their action effectively.

  • Sub-Action C8.1 Update of the database of windbreaks;
  • Sub-area C8.2 Demonstrative interventions for the restoration of windbreaks: replacement and planting of new trees in areas where these are incomplete or in a poor state of maintenance; strengthening the ecological corridors with the planting of shrubs. This intervention is carried out in collaboration with local farms that sign the territorial custody agreements and undertake to maintain and manage the windbreaks even after the end of the project. Testing the agreements allows farmers to have available areas to be allocated to greening, while the Land Reclamation Consortium and the Lazio Region will no longer have the responsibility of their management. At the same time, the enhancement of the ecological network will be guaranteed.


  • D1 Project C7 – Starting technical report
  • D2 Project C7 – Mid-term technical report
  • D3 Project C7 – Final technical report