C5 – Construction of green infrastructures in the Gelasio Caetani farm

The action consists in the implementation of demonstration projects aimed at increasing biodiversity in the Gelasio Caetani farm without loss in terms of productivity. The farm is involved in the construction, management and maintenance of the interventions through the signing of land stewardship agreement.

  • Sub-action C5.1: Restoration of the Fosso Epitaffio: remodeling and extension of the river bank and creation of a riparian arboreous shrubland; planting of hygrophilous shrub species, and a first band of elophytes (Phragmites australis, Typha latifolia) and a second with shrubby and planar shrubby and arboreal species (Salix spp, Populus spp, Ulmus minor, Quercus robur). The remodeling also concerns some sections of the riverbed for the creation of different conditions of the river flow speed and morpho-bathymetric heterogeneity functional to fauna, especially amphibious.
  • Sub-action C5.2: Restoration of the drainage canals: upgrading and planting of a strip of helophytic vegetation along the hydraulic lines, without modifying the existing section and without subtracting surfaces from cultivated areas.
  • Sub-action C5.3: Poplar grove re-qualification and wetland construction: replacing the existing poplar grove by thinning and planting native tree species and local ecotypes (Quercus robur, Fraxinus oxycarpa, Ulmus minor, Cornus sanguinea, etc.) for the creation of a significant strip of mesophilic wood; 20 batboxes installation on the trees and creation of a pond whose perimeter the forest assumes hygrophilous characters; realization of terrestrial shelters for amphibians and reptiles.
  • Sub-action C5.4 Creation of one windbreak: completion of the trees structure and implementation of improvement interventions for ornithic fauna, small mammals and herpetofauna, installation of 20 bat-houses.


  • D1 Project C5 – Starting technical report
  • D2 Project C5 – Mid-term technical report
  • D3 Project C5 – Final technical report