C4 – Improvement of ecological functionality and increase of biodiversity in the “Giardino di Ninfa” Natural Monument – Pantanello area

The action consists in carrying out interventions aimed at improving ecological functionality and increasing biodiversity in the Natural Monument of Ninfa – Pantanello area.

  • Sub-action C4.1: Development of linear structures for strengthening connections and shelters: Implementation of interventions aimed at improving windbreaks and connections and ensuring shelter for birdlife, herpetofauna and chiropterofauna, through upgrading the wooded belt along the Rio Cieco, the installation of batboxes and the construction of land refuges for amphibians and reptiles.
  • Sub-action C4.2: Creation of new habitats for amphibians: Creation of 1 small temporary constructed wetland particularly developed to facilitate access to amphibians and not to alien species.
  • Sub-action C4.3: Implementation of basking sites and floating islands: Installation of 30 basking sites for  European pond turtle Emys orbicularis floating in the existing ponds and realization of 2 floating islets to favour the stop and reproduction of the birdlife.


  • D1 Project C4 – Starting technical report
  • D2 Project C4 – Mid-term technical report
  • D3 Project C4 – Final technical report