C3 – Environmental Restoration of the wet ecosystem along the Ufente river

The action consists of 3 environmental restoration actions relating to the Ufente river hydrographic system between Sezze Scalo and the Gricilli area.

  • Sub-action C3.1: Redevelopment of the Ufente springs and Lake Pani. The intervention aims to preserve and restore natural hygrophilic and hydrophilic habitats at the Ufente springs, increasing the environmental heterogeneity and ecological functionality of the whole area.
  • Sub-action C3.2: Renaturalization of a section of rectified canal replacing the infesting vegetation: the intervention involves the first trunk (about 1000 m long) of the current hydraulic diversion of the river Ufente and provides for the eradication of riparian vegetation currently constituted almost exclusively by Arundo donax, removal, disposal and replacement of surface soil and the planting of hygrophilous shrub communities (Phragmites australis and Salix spp).
  • Sub-action C3.3: Redevelopment of planar environment with the creation of wetlands, hygrophilous and mesophilous woods, stable meadows. The action consists of the translation of the current embankments along the hydraulic diversion up to the margin of the area concerned, in order to create a partially floodable natural rolling basin in the event of flood events.


  • D1 Project C3 – Starting technical report
  • D2 Project C3 – Mid-term technical report
  • D3 Project C3 – Final technical report