A1 – Mapping and assessment of ecosystem services

This preparatory action consists of ecosystems mapping and assessment of main services they provide in the project areas, in order to evaluate how to better design the green infrastructures that will be implemented during the project (action C3-C9) and, to monitor their effectiveness in terms of enhancement of ecosystem services (ES).

The methodology, a downscaling of the MAES procedure (Mapping and Assessment of Ecosystems and their Services), includes the following activities:

  1. Mapping natural and agro ecosystems (1:25000), (i) of the Agro Pontino: by detailing the national map of the Italian ecosystems and the Ecological Network of the Agricultural Environments and Wetlands of the Province of Latina. (ii) of the Northern Region of Malta: detailing linear and very small ecosystems within the agricultural system.
  2. Selection of 5 strategic ES to be targeted by concrete actions (actions C3-C9) and to be evaluated at local area level. At the end of the process, an evaluation index (structured on 5 levels) will be provided for each strategic ES, allowing to assess the ES status.
  3. Detailed ecosystems mapping for the areas targeted by concrete actions (scale 1:5000), identifying residual natural elements in the agricultural system that cannot be mapped at a wider scale. The status of the ecosystems will be subsequently assessed. Finally, the status of the 5 strategic ES in target areas will be assessed, by applying the previously developed evaluation index.


  • D1 Report with the ES mapping and evaluation on the natural, agricultural and agro-forest areas in Agro Pontino and in Malta
  • D2 Database for ES monitoring and evaluation