The international conference of NAWAMED project in Syracuse, Italy

The international conference, organized by the cross-border cooperation project in the Mediterranean area (ENI CBC MED), NAWAMED program was held in Syracuse (Italy) from 3 to 5 October. The project of the Province of Latina has relaunched its commitment to protect and save water.

Project organized workshops, visits to pilot projects, debates and vernissages to give voice to the issues of circular management and the resilience of water resources.

NAWAMED, the project of Province of Latina, works with a partnership made up of the Euro-Mediterranean Center for Sustainable Development – ​​, IRIDRA, the Maltese Environmental Water Agency, the American University of Beirut, CERTE the Tunisian research institute for water and the of Engineering from the University of Jordan in Amman and involves Italy, Tunisia, Jordan, Malta, Lebanon.

NAWAMED aims at changing the urban water management practice by mean of innovative, sustainable, and low-cost treatment technologies, applicable in a decentralised way, to replace the use of potable water with good quality of NCW. 

The project will demonstrate the technical and economic feasibility of nature-based and low-cost solutions, such as living green walls, to treat non-conventional water resources in schools, universities, public facilities and in a refugee camp. Recovered wastewater or storm water will be reused for different purposes, including toilet flushing and irrigation and therefore consumption of potable water for domestic uses will be decreased. Furthermore, the project will showcase that design and architecture can make buildings water producers rather than water consumers.