Official presentation of the Life Greenchange project

On April 17th, 2018, the LIFE GREENCHANGE project has been presented at the presence of the President of the Province of Latina Giovanni Bernasconi. The project, elaborated by the Ecology and Environment and Urban Planning Sectors of the Province of Latina, concerns the green infrastructures for the enhancement of the biodiversity of the Agro Pontino and Maltese rural areas. Representatives of all the project partners (Province of Latina, U-Space srl, CIRF, Poliedra, Confagricoltura, MIEMA), citizens and stakeholders of the Pontine plain attended the event. During his speech, the President Bernasconi underlined the importance of the environmental sustainability for the territory of the Province and the aim to continue to be on the front line with the desire to give really concrete answers to the environmental problems of the Pontine plain. The project will start from 1st July 2018.