Earth Day celebrates 50 years and becomes live streaming

On 22 April, Earth Day turns 50 years and it is celebrated all over the world by United Nations, with initiatives and events for the protection and safeguard of the Planet.

This year, with the Coronavirus emergency, Earth Day takes on a strong symbolic value.

What does Earth want to tell us? What should we learn from the difficult living conditions created by the Coronavirus?

The message is an encouragement to change the way we live and feel the Planet.

75 thousand partners in 193 countries organized appointments, debates, seminars and insights that focused on environmental education, sustainable development and, mainly, the Covid-19 planetary urgency.

Due to the lockdown, the celebration of Earth Day becomes digital with the #OnePeopleOnePlanet world marathon in live streaming on Rai Play.

Also National Geographic has started a marathon in live streaming together with personalities from the scientific, medical and cultural world.

For Earth Day, LIFE Greenchange wants to relaunch the need to treat our territory in a balanced way.

Creating balance between intensive agricultural systems and natural and rural habitats becomes a priority.

Protecting, restoring and building green infrastructures will increase the ecosystem services that our territories can offer.