Greenchange update meeting

The meeting of the steering committee of the LIFE Greenchange project was held last week.

This is the update meeting in which the partners are called to take stock of the demonstration actions undertaken by the project in the Agro Pontino and to outline the goals for the following months.

In the presence of the lead partner of the Province of Latina, Consorzio Poliedra, Cirf, Confagricoltura Latina and U-Space intervened to illustrate the interventions in the construction sites, as well as the inspections and the monitoring carried out in view of the drafting of programmatic documents and actions of replicability and sharing of good practices.

At the same time, the meeting served to prepare the next actions that will concern the land conservation agreements, the implementation of the already signed Pact for biodiversity, the training lessons for the students and the management of the windbreak strips.

During the online meeting also the partner Miema informed the italian colleagues about the progress achieved in the islands of Malta and Gozo.

Good news for the launch of land custody agreements, the convergence with the institutions on the implementation of the Pact for biodiversity and inspections to follow up on the restoration, conservation and protection of dry stone walls heavily daameged.

The dry stone walls are distinctive elements of the agricultural landscape of the Mediterranean and green infrastructures able to protecting and conserving the biodiversity of the territory.

Greenchange will work to put them back on track and to enhance them.